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'Abbey Rich' is a small, independent clothing label creating limited edition, handprinted and handmade clothing.

The process is important to us for two main reasons; we want to make a smaller negative impact upon the world - knowing the supply chain is as ethical and as minimally damaging as possible. The other is that we love the process and are pretty in love with making handmade, ethical and unique products.

Abbey Rich is an artist I've followed for a while now, from her very first collection to the most recent. Having followed her on social media for long time, I really admire her determination to get such a cool clothing label up and running. In terms of her designs I would say they're very elegant and minimal, but the meanings behind them are so powerful and I love that. This is something I aim to achieve with my garments. HIDDEN MEANINGS! 

Something I've learnt from Abbey and many other artists is limiting myself to a smaller colour palette. Deciding colours for prints is always such a tricky process, I find too many I like and end up with an unsatisfying, multi-coloured design. Most of Abbeys collections are made up of around 5 colours and not just new colours but also looking at different tones and shades. Throughout the designing process I will be referring back to the Melbourne based designer Abbey Rich!

My goal with Maker & Mineral is to produce eco-conscious, hand-crafted, and well-crafted home wears, accessories, and clothing for the modern person who doesn't fall pray to fast fashion and instead prefers to have a closet stocked with well loved/ meaningful pieces of clothing.

Maker & Mineral is another Melbourne based clothing label. Samatha Ives a good friend of Abbey Rich, also shares a similar style within her garments. I absolutely love her most recent pieces. Both Abbey and Samantha work with jumpsuits, an item I basically live in, this has inspired me to design my prints onto hand sewn jumpsuits. 

With nicely detailed designs and suitable compositions, Maker & Mineral have managed to produce some great, stylish clothing items. Another plus to the clothing label is the fabric used (linen) it flows nicely with the body and has a nice visual finish. 

Alex Steele is a multidisciplinary artist and fashion designer based in Oakland, CA.‚Äč

With minimal and bold design, Alex Steele creates pieces that embody both art and fashion --

from fabric dying, to painting, and printing, Alex's mark is one that maintains abstract art at its core.

Each piece is designed for those whose fashion sense reflects their powerful, exuberant personalities. 

Alex's goal in creating wearable art is to promote confidence and individuality, and to embrace the thrill in dressing yourself "for the occasion", and for the days you're just feeling it !