It Was Only £3.00

April 9, 2017


Nothing can beat a good old exhibition visit, especially when you don't have to travel more than 10 minutes to get to it…. Oh and that it was the one and only GRAYSON PERRY. 





I first discovered Grayson Perry during the start of my Art & Design, Foundation Diploma course and no word of a lie the first time my tutor mentioned his name I honestly thought he said, ‘Grace and Perry.’ So there I am sat at home, googling away the duo Grace and Perry and unsuccessfully finding any images I was previously shown. However have no fear, with some helping hints I did in fact discover an artist who is called…………… Grayson Perry. (ThankYouGOOGLE)





Grayson Perry is such a fun and adventurous artist, one who has sparked a brighter aspect within my own projects. I aspire to have the same courageous attitude which is clearly portrayed through a lot of Grayson's art.

Grayson is well-known for his unconventional perspective on the ‘art world’ and speaks out about aspects of life that everyday men and women are too afraid to admit to. 


I am part way through reading Playing to the Gallery by Grayson Perry, which is hands down the funniest book, because of how true and relatable it is about the ‘ART WORLD’ (mandatory finger speech marks) The best thing about Grayson and this book is the pure brutal honesty. If there are some aspects of the art world that you aren’t such a fan of, yet too much of a wuss to admit to then give this book a read (the pages don't tend to talk back, so it's okay)





Right, Julie Cope’s Grand Tour! This touring exhibition involves 2 rather large tapestries, which honestly took my breathe away. The COLOURS…..the DETAIL……..the STORY, Oh my goodness it all took me by surprise. It is so beautiful I’m struggling to spit out any words. I had obviously come across this piece before during my college days, but seeing it in person was a whole other experience.


Where to start… the scale is pretty spectacular, I absolutely adore large scaled art pieces and I especially love creating them. Because of the scale you are able to see every individual fibre used to create all the intricate patterns. And within these amazing patterns are some even more exciting colours, the colours are very exaggerated which helps to brighten up the whole piece and helps to give off a feel good vibe, even if poor old Julie had an unfortunate start to life and an even more tragic ending.

A great part about this exhibition is that the story is narrated in the background by Grayson himself, so you are able to really immerse yourself in the tapestries but still have an idea of whats going on. In a way the narrative allows you to see more and I love that about this piece, every time you take another glance theres always something new to see.


The Story of a Life by Grayson Perry

Julie Cope is a fictional character created by Grayson Perry and inspired by the people he grew up amongst. Julie, an Essex everywomen has a story told through 2 tapestries, illustrating key events in her courageous journey. Starting from her birth during the Canvey Island floods of 1953 to her untimely death in a tragic accident on a Colchester street. Rich in cultural and architectural details, the tapestries contain a social history of Essex and modern Britain that everyone can relate to. These artworks represent, in Grayson’s words, ‘the TRIALS, TRIBULATIONS, CELEBRATIONS and MISTAKES of an average life’.





Seriously, GO CHECK IT OUT!

For anyone interested I saw the exhibition at Banbury Museum, in Castle Quay. But don't forget it is a touring exhibition so there will be other viewings.


11 March - 13 May 2017, Banbury Museum, £3.00 (which I thought was GREAT…… until I saw the other exhibitions were FREE)


20 May - 16 July 2017, New Brewery Arts



21 July - 03 September 2017, The Gallery, De Montford University



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