April 22, 2017

Lets just set something straight, the Tiger I am talking about is in fact the shop.


Ever since I discovered Tiger I can honestly say I have grown a slight obsession with anything and everything they sell. Whenever I’m in town it’s very rare not to find myself in Tiger and leaving with a handful of items (okay I lie.....several bags full) One thing I have found being a fellow aspiring artist is that they have so many good sketchbooks in there at the same quality as the high street shops but at a fraction of the price with some funky covers. Acrylic paint is another good'en from there because not only do they have the basics but also a range of colours you don't often see anywhere else (pastel colours...my fave) So any artists out there who end up spending their month wages on painting tools etc, Tigers the way forward.


Within in the past, maybe 3 months or so I have bought quite a collection, ranging from stationary to things that look super cute and pretty.

Items I’ve bought:


  • Tagine

  • Pastel bowls x3

  • Pastel mug

  • Solar powered nodding Buddha

  • Solar powered nodding plant pot

  • Wall cage

  • Geometric notebook

  • Red notebook

  • Acrylic paint (pink and green)

  • Pink bike lock

  • Heart padlock

  • Passport cover x 2

  • Tape x 3

  • Geometric socks

  • Yoga mat strap

  • Face pillow *Pedro*

  • Piggy bank and hammer

  • Ceramic plates x 3

  • Green clothes bin

  • Multi-coloured whisk

  • Sieve

  • Pastel pegs

  • Hangers

  • Surprise bag


In September I will be flying the nest to uni and I can honestly say anyone in the same situation, get yourself down to a Tiger shop it is........ P E R F E C T Everything is super cute and at such a reasonable price, so your parents can't moan when you return from freshers with only a spoon in tact.

I've bought all my crockery from there and I LOVE it, I'm going to guard it with my life! Within my bundle buy was 2 x large speckled plates and 1 x small speckled plate. As well as a pastel set of bowls 2 x large bowls and 1 x (what I call a cereal bowl) and a matching mug. And wait for it....... A multicoloured whisk (and plenty more kitchen utensils) These were all ranging between £1 - £3 How can you argue with that PRICE.





Now, every time I did a circuit of the shop floor I always stopped to look at the Tagines because I found them SO pretty and unusual, but could never find a reason to buy one (I highly doubt I'll be cooking a tagine whilst at uni, it's pasta dishes for me for the next 3 years) But finally I found a reason.....my brothers birthday, yes I know this technically means I don't own it but I still got the satisfaction of buying it. Soon my brother will be moving into a new house in London and I thought what a perfect present this would make seeing as he's becoming more and more into his cooking. But don't worry I didn't buy it in the colour I wanted, so theres still the possibility I may buy myself one.... knowing how much I love the place!


I’ve recently fallen in love with Danish interior design, as well as the extraordinary architecture there is and yes I know that sounds stupid since I haven't actually been to Denmark …..But I absolutely adore it's minimalist, yet groovy style. Taking a trip out there is on the long list of things I'm yet to achieve, but for now a book about it will have to do. Not long ago I bought a book from Amazon called 'THE LITTLE BOOK OF HYGGE' (the Danish way to live well) by Meik Wiking. The reasoning behind this purchase is because in 2016 Denmark was ranked Happiest Country in the world for the third time! WHY? because 'They have no worries' and if they do have worries its about the weather.... And I wanted in on the whole 'No Worry' train of thought. There are so many great things from 'Clothing', 'Food and Drink', 'Home' to 'The Key To Happiness.' Honestly I'm slowly working my way through all the different chapters and there are so many fun quirky things to try out...GO CHECK IT OUT...The Little Book Of Hygge


And now I understand why I love Tiger SO much! Tiger is a Danish Store, founded in Copenhagen in 1995 (DanishENTHUSIASToverhere)



Its just such a great shop with it’s ever-changing selection of fun and affordable things. In the near future when I have my own place it is most likely going to be kitted out with Tiger items with a danish style to it....You never know I may even move out there.......


Get yourself down to a Tiger store now!!!

(They have more than 700 stores so theres no excuses)

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