I've got a C-O-O-L camera

May 21, 2017

My current camera at the moment is the Nikon D3400 and OMG it’s soo good!

I got it back in December and have been struggling to get the motivation to get it out of its case but I've also been struggling with ideas of what I can take with it. Most of the time I've used it for documenting my blogposts (which is why I am loving my blog currently) There are still so many aspects of this camera I haven't quite grasped and should probably go back to reading the manual. But if anyone is thinking about buying a DSLR then you really want to look around for the right one and especially check out some customer reviews because they are the most helpful things ever.

I do love photography but am so crap at finding a subject to focus on and I suppose I would say I’m a bit more of a spontaneous and random photographer because I'm still trying to find my path with it. With the Nikon D3400 I seem to find myself accidentally taking awesome images, the clarity on every photo is just so amazing, I still get shocked by each and every photo. These are a few random photo’s I’ve picked out just to show the sheer quality of the camera and considering I would class myself as a beginner they sure do make me feel like a professional photographer.








So I recently invested in a new lens. The one my camera came with is amazing but a fisheye lens has always intrigued me. Now…the proper fancy, professional fisheye lenses are way out of my budget range and I mean way way waaaaay out, so I scouted around Amazon for a reasonably priced one but not so cheap that you loose the quality. When scouting around I found it hard to actually find a fisheye lens that replaces my current one, most of them were attachments that fit on the end of my current lens. And because I was limited to how much I could spend I ended up settling for an attachment which works perfectly fine. I went for the  Opteka Professional Fisheye lens for Nikon with a price of £39.95 and whats great about this lens is that it comes with 4 different adapters, 52mm (which is what I needed), 55mm, 58mm and 67mm, so it can fit a range of different sizes. It doesn't produce images that are quite like the ones I've seen but for the price I paid I'm more than satisfied because it does the job well. These are a few of the images that kinda turned out alright....I am still learning.



 Well Done Nikon!




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